If you are looking for a gentle, nurturing piano teacher, Carolyn is the best! Our daughter's confidence in both note reading, playing and musicality has improved out of sight since leaving a large music school. AMEB exams are arranged if your child is ready. So if your child wants to be a competent pianist, Music on Emerald is the place to learn! - Lynette Kajar


Cazza is a very gentle, caring & nurturing teacher. Since we started Music Classes I noticed a huge increase in my daughters development and interest towards music and instruments. She is loving it and is very excited week by week to learn more and meet her special friends she can dance, sing and have a lot of fun with. I highly recommend Growing Melodies Studio to everyone who is after a trustworthy, talented and very patient Teacher - Marzena Duffield.

Cazza is wonderful at customising the class to suit the skill levels of the child. The classes are warm, inviting, and there is always so many new things for the little ones to try. You can see the effort Cazza puts into each class. Originally I was only going to go for one term, but my daughter loves it so much that I'm still going! Highly recommend - Sman

A+++ Lovely teacher, very patient and kind, with excellent teaching skills and very reasonably priced lessons. Highly recommended. - Maryann Morley

Great teacher, very committed and professional. Knows how to get the best from students, excellent results at exam time! - Becky Carline


I love Kinder Music, but more importantly my little lady loves it more. Every week is fun and exciting. Cazza is nurturing and works well with the children and parents. Cazza has a true love for music and she genuinely believes in this program. I definitely recommend this group to anyone with a little one. - Nicole Arbuckle.

My three boys were lucky enough to attend Cazza's classes for babies, toddlers and preschoolers. They really benefited from the classes in developing and strengthening their confidence. Carolyn has an abundance of patience, understanding and she is a great teacher. Her classes are fun an interactive and we wondered why we didn't do it sooner. If you haven't tried it yet, give it a go! If we hadn't moved location we would still be going - Kat Lyons