Baby, Toddler, Preschooler music classes

Connect, sing, dance, play, create, learn, grow, laugh, imagine



Before children are ready to learn an instrument these classes build the foundations to get them ready. We explore all cultures, styles.  With each theme we explore there is always a new element of surprise.  Classes work on developing whole child elements like steady beat, pitch, listening, auditory, fine and gross motor skill development. This is done through movement, playing instruments, singing, stories, dance, puppets, sensory and storytelling and play. Our sole mission is to give both parents and young children a joyful musical experience each week through music, movement and learning.

Each child and family is treated equally for their uniqueness. Along with the benefits for the child, the classes are also very good for parents often hearing parents say they feel lifted up by the class experience.

Exposing children early to music has many overall benefits. In class the children gather knowledge and understanding through thought, experience, and the senses.  Also being around other children doing the same process makes the child gather understanding by doing, seeing, hearing. It also has the benefit of developing both empathy and confidence by watching, supporting their peers as they explore instruments and do little demonstrations. The class experience makes memory and recall stronger also.

We develop music skills through listening, singing, music signs, counting, dancing as a group, playing a variety of different instruments.

Dancing enhances both timing, rhythm and spatial awareness and feel for the music. We develop language and literacy with word play and singing. 

Classes will make your family connection/bond stronger and more joyful.  As well as music skills children learn basic skills like packing up, sharing, developing confidence helping with school and kindy readiness.

Most importantly these classes lay the foundations for future instrumental music lessons.

CLASS TIMES - Classes currently not available. Stay tuned for updates.

New classes can be created upon request providing numbers are viable.


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